Retinal Imaging
Various tests are performed to examine the retina in order to assess conditions pertaining to the retina. The main investigations are Visual field, OCT and Retinal Fluorescein Angiography.

Visual Field
This test is performed in the rooms. The test produces a diagram of the patient’s field of vision or demonstrates the patient’s vision graphically. This test is performed to diagnose glaucoma and to assess any conditions within the brain that may affect vision. Visual fields are also used to assess macula toxicity with the use of certain drugs specifically Plasmaquine or Chloroquine used for Rheumatoid arthritis and other autoimmune diseases.

OCT or Ocular Coherence Tomography
This test assesses the layers of the retina in detail and is used to assess and diagnose diabetic retinal disease, age related macular degeneration and many other retinal diseases affecting the macula and thus central vision. The test is performed in the rooms. It is used to assess whether the condition is treatable and to plan treatment accordingly.

Retinal Angiography
This test is performed at the Optiklin Eye Hospital in Benoni. It entails the injection of a dye into an arm vein and then a series of photographs are taken of the retina. It is indicated in diabetic eye disease but has many other uses. The test is used to demonstrate fluid leakage in the retina and to plan retinal laser or other forms of treatment eg. Avastin injections.



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